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All registration is done online.  From this website, Troupe Directors will be able to enter all information regarding your troupe, chaperones and Troupe Director.   From T-shirt sizes to Individual Events to One Act Plays, it’s all up to you to enter the data accurately.  

Internet Broadway Data Base ( is a terrific source for finding and names of composers and lyricists, correct spellings, correct song and show titles and, it’s educational!



1: Go to 

(Site works best with Internet Explorer or Chrome.)


2: Enter your email address and then your password. Your password will initially be the word "troupe" followed by your troupe number. 

3. Click the third box and scroll down to "Florida Thespians Junior District 3 Festival 2019".


4: Once you login, (This step is very important! ) go to the "Troupe" button on the left side of the screen to verify and update your Troupe information. At a minimum, select your troupe number (School Name field), and enter you Principal Name, and School Phone. Make sure you click the Save button at the bottom of the screen if you make any changes.


5: From there, you can go to "PERSON" to add a Student to start adding Thespians, Chaperones, and Directors. Be sure to enter the correct T-Shirt size.


6: After you have Thespians added, your individual event registration can begin. Each time a registration is added, it will appear at the bottom of the screen for verification.Click on the Update or Delete if necessary. There are Limitations to How Many can Register for Each Event - See Sidebar ----->

There are Limits!

Each troupe may enter ONE one act play.  There is no restriction on the size of your cast or crew, but they all must be listed accurately at the time of registration.  Also, being involved in “The One Act Play” has no bearing on the number of Individual Events in which a student may participate.

Monologue - 5

Duet Acting - 3

Ensemble Acting - 3

Pantomime - 4

Improv - 3

Solo Musical - 5

Duet Musical - 3

Small Group - 4

Large Group - 3

Scene Writing - 5

Set Design - 5

Costume Design - 5

Make-up Design - 5

Publicity Design - 5

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